Hemp Seed Oil Capsules


Organic Hemp Seed Oil in convenient large 240x Capsule packs

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Nature’s most perfectly balanced oil in convenient capsules. Great for when you want a quick and easy dose of your essential fatty acids on the go. Awesome for traveling when you need to leave your bottle of oil at home.

Essential Nutrients in Hemp Seed Oil have been shown to help:
Lower blood LDL cholesterol levels
Lower blood pressure
Improve cardiovascular circulation & function
Improve organ function
Improve immunity levels
Increased energy levels & metabolic rate
Reduce symptoms of PMS & menstrual cramps
Reduce inflammation and the symptoms of arthritis
Improve recovery of muscles after exercise
Reduce & treat eczema and dry skin and hair conditions

GLA in Hemp Seed Oil is said to have anti-inflammatory and rejuvenating properties, increasing cell resilience and moistening the fatty layer beneath the skin, which can help deliver a multitude of beautifying benefits such as:

Producing a dewy complexion
Aiding collagen loss
Soothing dry, scaly skin
Combating wrinkles
Nourishing straw-like hair
Strengthening brittle nails
Dosage – 3/6 per day

Ingredients per capsule:
Certified Organic Canadian Hemp Seed Oil 1000mg.

Softgel capsule:
(gelatin, purified water, iron oxide red, iron oxide black)

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